Milora Dive Report – 26 June 2016

Divers: Ben J, Youri C, Push G, Leo L, Mark R & Andrew G

It was an early start but it didn’t matter because we were excited about the first Wreck Divers outing. The conditions on the surface looked pretty good as the boat drove out thorough Port Phillip Heads.

As we approached the dive site we started gearing up in anticipation of the dive ahead. Once the shot line was in the water, team by team we stepped into the water and made our descent down the line.

The Milora is the largest wreck in the Ships Graveyard, but clearly not big enough because the shot line missed the wreck all together. That didn’t detour the Wreck Divers though. At 40 meters depth were swimming around the bottom and soon enough some team members found the wreck.

There was too much wreck to explore in a single dive and as we started our ascent I knew we would have to get back to Milora soon to take another look.

Andrew G

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